Friday 27 October 2017

Home again

We had one further call to make before returning to the marina. NB Dexta at the Taft wharf sells diesel a great deal cheaper than anywhere else around here, and since we needed a fair amount it was worthwhile coming on past the entrance to our marina yesterday, mooring up in the lower reaches of Great Haywood last night, and going down to pick up diesel this morning. It was a great decision for another reason as well – today was a great day for cruising.

My best beloved also enjoyed time at the tiller.

Anxious not to get home to quickly, we stopped for lunch, virtually in the place we'd moored up last night.

But we couldn't delay for ever, and eventually were snug back on our berth. It's been a really enjoyable few weeks of autumn travel. We'll head off south tomorrow and return to winterise Erin Mae at some point over the next month.


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