Wednesday 25 October 2017

Pure gold

Our trip up the Caldon canal this October had a secret purpose! Brother and Sister-in-law Nº 1 were celebrating their golden anniversary with a weekend in a large, quirky "cottage" in Waterhouses, near Ashbourne, about seven miles from end of the canal's Leek branch. Two further generations of their family were joining them. Unbeknown to them, their oldest daughter had arranged for my brother's three brothers and our wives to turn up, unannounced, on the Sunday morning – and arranged for him to open the door. The surprise was complete! Lots of conversation ensued, while the children wisely played games in another room.

We had a wonderful day. After a somewhat extended brunch most of us went for a walk along the Tissington Trail.

That was followed by another surprise – afternoon tea at Callow Hall, with lots of yummy goodies.

The oldest was 76, and the youngest was just 3 months.

When we got back to base, the instruments came out and children and adults devoted considerable energy to making all sorts of music. Two accordions, piano, guitar, swanee whistle, mouth organ, two recorders, and a selection of penny whistles provided the context for singing folk songs, seafaring songs, Flanders and Swann and so on. It was a blast! More food before we said our farewells at about 9.30.

So, thanks to Brother and Sister-in-law Nº 2 for picking us up from Erin Mae and returning us in the evening. And thanks to Becky and Jo for doing most of the organising. It was a fabulous, golden day.


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