Sunday 5 August 2018

Credit card

Erin Mae has an electric hook-up when in dock, with a meter on a post on the jetty, controlled by a credit-card-sized smart card. Credit can be transferred between the meter and the card, keeping our investment safe from other people's cables while we're out travelling. As we left our mooring on Friday, I remembered that we hadn't transferred the credit to the card and probably should. We came to a halt and went to get the card from where I knew it to be. Could we find it? Not then, nor when we ransacked the boat for it yesterday afternoon.

So this morning we walked the mile or so back to the marina from Tixall Wide, where I've been teaching myself painting and associated skills. We had showers and then I confessed to Doug in the office that I'd lost our card, expecting to have to pay for a new one. But no! It was with a collection that various boat owners had left with them over the winter, just in case extra credit needed to be added during the dark months. I'd completely forgotten that we'd been among them.

Doh! But at least the meter is now empty, the card is in the right place, and we've had a walk we wouldn't otherwise have had.


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