Thursday 30 August 2018


I think I've snapped Bridge 39 on the Shroppie every time we've been this way.

Like everybody else. No-one seems to know why there's an old telegraph pole on the mezzanine floor, but it's a great talking point. Less well known is Loynton Moss which you can reach on foot by the path which rises on the other side of this bridge, or the one at Bridge 40. It's a spectacular and isolated wetland site where all sorts of life abounds, including the world's reserve supply of mosquitos. Once bitten, you might well itch to return, but you will also itch to get away.

Beyond Bridge 40 in this extended cutting is an off-side site in the woods which has been pretty much the same for the last 8 years. A couple of boats, not in the fresh flush of youth, and one or two road vehicles.

I'm insufficiently versed in car identification to know which model this is, but it is obviously still someone's pride and joy, even if it has not moved from this spot for a number of decades. It's impressive that the tyres do not appear to be flat.

There are other particular points of interest in this long lock-less stretch of the Shroppie. Perhaps I'll photograph some of them on the way back next week.


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