Thursday 23 August 2018


It wasn't so much that we were partly under a tree at Penkridge last night. It was more that we were under a few or a flock of some avian species (probably wood pigeons) who had been gorging themselves on blackberries, elderberries, damsons or something of that ilk. In the morning a section of Erin Mae's roof was liberally coated with a glutinous mess of purple poo. Must have been the roughage.

We set out before they could add to their offerings, and reached Gailey in good time, where we'd planned to get a pump-out and fill the water tank. So the hose was applied to the roof as well, though I also needed to use a scrubbing brush to clear the mess completely. Then we settled into the long lock-free stretch down to Autherley Junction and tied up at Pendeford in a spot which we've got to know well.

A phone call to Oxley Marine confirmed that they'll be able to do something to help with our window fixing screws first thing in the morning. The Met Office say it should have stopped raining by then, so we're looking forward to getting the window fixings fixed. I suspect, however, that their preferred solution will entail drilling a new hole and filling the old one, which will leave me with several more days' worth of primer, undercoat and topcoat before we can finally put the window in place permanently.

And then we'll need to have a look at the next one.


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