Thursday 7 May 2020

Lockdown roses

Being in lockdown in our bricks and mortar on the south coast has its positives. In particular we're getting to see the climbing roses appear in our back garden. We would normally have joined Erin Mae just before they start to emerge.

"Meg" is one of the first to appear. It's absolutely exquisite and one of my favourites.

Unfortunately the blooms are at their best for only a day or two before becoming a little dilapidated. Meg is on a pergola along with the Paul Lédé…

…which is one of the strongest.

In a week or two the pergola is going to be so covered with creamy blooms that you will hardly be able to see the leaves. Clinging to the final upright of the pergola is Golden Blossoms.

Very pretty at this stage but, like so many yellow roses, is very susceptible to the black spot which our clean air allows to flourish. On a different support nearby, on the other hand, is one of the healthiest – Compassion. Can you have apricot pink?

When we planted these roses many years ago, I put a "Mme Alfred Carrière" on the back fence. Big mistake! I'd thought we could train its 20 feet spread left and right along the 6' fence. It insisted on spreading out and completely taking over the patio area making coffee down there impossible. So last year it finally came out, and we've put in a "White Cloud" Not sure if will bloom this season, but it's growing well.

Our "New Dawn" is on an arch, and not come into flower yet, but the Iceberg on the house wall is getting started.

Like the Paul Lédé this will be a complete mass of blooms in a few weeks, and will probably still have a flower or two at Christmas.

Most of the roses in the front garden were inherited from the previous owners, in 1986. So I don't know what this one is:

It does, however, have the most amazing heady scent, and most of our neighbours dip their heads for quick sniff as they walk past. All helps to combat the lockdown blues!


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