Friday 8 May 2020

Very Entertaining Day

Heather from down our road put flyers round the doors…

and we all came out in force to have a VE Day lockdown, socially distanced party. My particular role was to facilitate some music.

Spotify provided an excellent rendering of the National Anthem, to follow the 11 o'clock silence, and a selection of marching band music, normally brought out for Remembrance Day. Tanya, from across the road, brought her saxophone to a socially distanced spot and played along.

What I found afterwards was that we had sadly taken no photos of all the people in our close enjoying, in a socially responsible way, the music, the occasion, the company and, of course, the weather. I did, however, get a photo of our picnic lunch.

Other families had far grander picnics, and some did front-garden barbecues! After lunch Tanya and I played some different numbers – a bit of Vera Lynn and so on. All in all we talked more with our neighbours (in a properly distanced way, of course) than we had done for a long time. It's been a VEry good day!


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