Thursday 5 April 2012

At last

Here we are, snug on the Erin Mae at last, after a relatively easy journey north. It's been a long time. A stunningly crimson setting sun promises a good day tomorrow, and now the sky is crystal clear, with planets and a very full moon blazing brightly. All seems well on board, and the central heating is keeping out the chill and getting rid of any residual winter dampness.

So tomorrow the fun starts. Not just yet the fun of cruising, I'm afraid, but of airing, cleaning, polishing, engine-servicing, locker-cover-making, varnishing. Sleeping. Planning, relaxing, enjoying.

A lot of the fun will be in seeing again some of the folk we've met before, but especially, when we finally get onto the cut, all those we're going to meet along the way.


  1. We're so envious! I have had a bad chest infection, followed by a kidney infection and we haven't been able to get up yet! We're hoping maybe next week all being energy levels are a bit depleted at the moment. Enjoy!!

  2. Sorry to hear about your woes, Mo. Hope things improve and we'll catch you in the marina. We'll be up and down a little before we start out on our travels.