Wednesday 4 April 2012

Suppressing the weeds

Half-year cruisers like us (correction: like we intend to be) have either the best of both worlds or the worst. Year-round liveaboards take their life with them. Occasional cruisers get home regularly to keep an eye on things. We have this fabulous prospect of exploring all sorts of wonderful places during late spring, summer and autumn. Unfortunately that's just the time when the garden explodes with life, not all of it welcome, but all of it needing to be husbanded (fancy word for dead-heading the roses, mowing the lawn and cutting back the 6 foot length of bramble that came from nowhere last night).

My best-beloved has to shift her exercise-ground from the gym as we prepare to head off, so she's been getting in practice by getting at the weeds. Clearing them is one thing, keeping them away is another, so she's put down some of that sheeting, suitably cut where the roses or other friends come through, and covered it all with chipped bark. Looks great. Today she might just put some heavyweight plastic where the ground elder has invaded.

We really haven't yet worked out how to cope with all the other stuff once we're travelling. But we're certainly not going to sit here worrying about it and going nowhere in consequence. We'll think of something. There's plenty of time in the future to do nothing.


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