Sunday 8 April 2012

Easter and the Egg

We've celebrated Easter at sunrise on a New Forest hiltop, with joyful Brazilians in a poor suburb of Rio, with breakfast on the beach, with thousands in a huge marquee at a Christian jamboree, with new songs and old songs. Today it was with a happy group of Christians in Stafford. Different context, same story. Victory over death. Vindication of truth. The power of God in action to bring life when all is lost.

The speaker had brought along an Easter egg, bought in the local Co-op. No surprise there. Except that this one was called "The Real Easter Egg". A fairtrade egg, supporting charity and development projects, according to their website. As much to the point, it has the Easter story on the back of the box in storybook format. First thing of its kind I've seen. Nice to see supermarkets willing to stock it.

We didn't get any chocolate. But it was good to celebrate the old story with new friends.


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