Monday 2 April 2012

Planning for July

We're getting our minds around having Elissa (8) and Sam (7) over from Norway in July, for a week on Erin Mae. We've ordered some booster seats for the car journey from the airport, and our friend Jon will lend us a couple of life-jackets. Perhaps we should get a couple more for ourselves, in case the kids get boisterous!

The boating itself is bound to provide lots of fun and exercise. But we're also trying to plan a route that will take in a range of additional energy-sapping opportunities, preferably of the sort where the children can burn calories by themselves, while we quietly take on a few in some shady corner near by.

Other boating bloggers report great times with kids on board. So far we've done the grandparenting thing in fairly small doses. I've a feeling we won't know what's hit us when the time comes!


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