Wednesday 3 July 2013

Floral Dance

As we cruised down to Alvechurch and back there were wild roses,


flag irises,

water lilies,


and a variety of other early summer flowers.

It was the elderflowers we would have harvested – my best beloved has a yen to make some elderflower cordial. The recipe requires citric acid, so at Warstock I asked in the pharmacist. Nope, none on the shelf, but they would get some in for tomorrow if I would call in around 11. That I did, to find that their supplier was also out of stock. So today, we asked in Lloyd's pharmacy in Alvechurch. Nope, none on the shelf, there'd been a rush on it last week. Looks like everyone has been busy making elderflower cordial except us.

One aspect of the Alvechurch area that didn't disappoint was the Lower Bittell reservoir. It would have looked even more stunning in the sun.

At one end of the permanent moorings were a couple of nicely painted British Waterways barges.

There's also an "upper" reservoir, built to feed the canal, which you can't see from the delightful cutting we were in.

If we get the sunny day we're promised tomorrow, perhaps we'll go exploring.


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