Thursday 11 July 2013


Reading Bruce's blog about their recent trip up the Caldon canal reminded me of carrying large amounts of shopping from the supermarket at Leek along the towpath to Erin Mae during our first significant trip, in September 2011. At that point my best beloved decided we needed some sort of trolley, and had in mind the plastic type her medical colleagues used for toting stuff around. But in the end we concluded they were not sufficiently robust for the towpath, and didn't carry enough. Then, on a visit to Ikea, she spotted the solution. I required a considerable amount of persuasion, but eventually acquiesced. Since then we've been using it with great success whenever shopping has needed to be trolleyed.

While we were at the Lyons Boatyard getting the swan neck fixed, she walked up the hill with it to a Sainsbury's, and found herself pretty exhausted by the time she returned with a full load. That merited a FaceBook entry about the trolley, and since then our friend Una has wanted to see a picture. Because my best beloved's iPad still resists posting photos to FaceBook, and because today we used the thing again, today's post immortalises it (the internet is immortal, isn't it?). For Una, here it is.

You can see why I said she had "spotted" the solution, and perhaps sympathise with my initial reluctance to make this particular purchase. I wonder what style guru conceived it. Perhaps large polka dot is all the rage in Sweden.


  1. Granny trolley's are trendy now, even my 22 year old daughter of thinking of getting one :-)

    1. Nice to hear from you, guys. Obviously the trend missed me out somewhere along the line! But utilitarian I can do if necessary.

    2. I think all the trends have missed me out Martin :-)

  2. Thank you, Martin for assuaging my curiosity! It is a fab piece of equipment and what is even more fabulous is that the operative has co-ordinated her attire, opting for the less zazzy option of spots and going for the more classic check instead. :) Una