Sunday 24 July 2016

In good hands

On Friday my former students Mark and Cheryl came with Amelia and Sam to take over Erin Mae for a week and a bit.

They're going to see how far they can get towards Stewponey before it's time to turn around and come back. So if you see them, give them a wave.

They've been living and working in Burkina Faso for several years. After that, I doubt whether anything they'll meet on the waterways is likely to be a problem. Anyway, Mark and Cheryl have both had some narrowboat experience before.

I was able to show Sam a knot or two before they left, and to make sure Amelia knew where one or two key pieces of equipment live (e.g. a spare Watermate key). So their parents are in good hands.


  1. We did have one couple that greeted us and said they read your blog. A great week on Erin Mae and 24hrs later I still feel the room is swaying.

    1. Ah – good to know that someone reads my musings. I wonder who they were.