Saturday 16 July 2016

Watery things

Our friends Ted and Mary had been staying locally in their motorhome, so yesterday we went and picked them up. They've plenty of boating experience but they'd never visited Erin Mae. The day was cloudy and threatening rain, but we decided to cruise down to (guess where!) Tixall Wide.

Once there, the hood went up and the rain came down and we enjoyed eating and chatting. As we did so a couple came past the side-hatch in their canoe.

I'm glad to say that, when we met them later as both we and they returned to our respective bases, he had stopped texting and was actually doing some paddling!

Later in the afternoon we went for a walk through the grounds of Shugborough, and found this little fellow.

I don't think I've ever encountered a smaller frog. How he felt about the encounter, I don't know, but he (or she) helped to make our day.


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