Sunday 10 July 2016

Sun, shade, surf and sand

Two grandchildren coming to stay is not a recipe for regular blog posts, so the content mounts up!

Nº 1 son came up from Cornwall for a few days while we were at home in the New Forest and, as ever, was a great hit with his nephews.

Being at home in the water, he took them surfing, mostly at Highcliffe.

To everybody's regret, he had to go back to work. His parents' surfing skills didn't quite cut the mustard, so we went exploring the forest instead. Moors Valley country park is a fabulous local resource.

We visited the Bournemouth Oceanarium

There were walks,


French cricket,

and ponies.

Yesterday we drove up to Erin Mae, hoping to do a bit of boating before they fly back to Norway on Tuesday. So far it's been much too windy or wet, so today we walked around Shugborough instead. Ah well. 


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