Thursday 21 July 2016


Tomorrow two friends plus two offspring are borrowing Erin Mae for a week. That meant a bit of a clean-up and clear-out to give them some living space, and in addition I had two jobs scheduled which I'd been meaning to do for a while. The first was to glue a window catch back onto its hopper. It's been off since I don't know when – always something more interesting to do. So today was the day!

Except that I found I'd left back home in the New Forest the glue I was intending to use. It didn't feel like a job for Araldite, and I'd found this thick SuperGlue which had done another job really well. But, no matter how good the glue, it's no use if it's 180 miles away. It will have to wait – again.

The other job was to put up in the bathroom Erin Mae's framed toilet twinning certificate. It had been sitting on the shelf, held in place by a large bottle of something or other which was about to be removed for a week, so a more permanent scheme was needed. With the slope of the tumblehome side of a narrowboat you have to be careful that things on the wall don't fall off. But a small, sticky, plastic, "Command" hook at the top and a blob of Blu-Tack at the bottom secured it nicely.

"Toilet twinning?", you ask. It's a great scheme to help fund sanitation schemes, which can have positive social consequences for a community way beyond what you might expect. The website is really worth a look. 

Erin Mae is extremely proud to have her loo twinned with one in Burundi. Being a boat, of course, hers has rather more motion.


  1. Yes, I like the twinning toilet option. And I feel that as we have a composting toilet that it would be very apt. I have been meaning to do it, you have spurred me on.
    Kath (nb Herbie)

    1. That's great, Kath (or Neil!). And I'm interested that you have a composting toilet. I'm still waiting for the bloggers who've reported installing one giving an assessment of how they've found it!