Friday 17 July 2015

Alternates and rectifications

Skipton has some delightful parts, and some very ordinary bits. We walked through some of the ordinary bits this morning to take bedding and towels, and everything else that needed a wash, to the launderette. Just opposite was an unexpectedly delightful spot – Phillipes Bakery.

They did some extremely yummie cakes to go with the coffee we'd taken with us, and we adjourned to a nearby churchyard to consume them while the wash was washing.

We've got used to sitting around in Skipton, waiting for the next episode of the alternator saga to unfold, and when we returned from the launderette, it had done so. Ian had come over and re-installed the now functioning item. He says they'd replaced a rectifier and the regulator – which means quite a lot of it. I'm actually pleased they found and rectified a fault – it's worrying to have intermittent things happening that no one quite understands. The final (I hope) episode of the saga will happen tomorrow when I discover how much the bill will be. Ouch!


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