Tuesday 7 July 2015


As we started out from Wheelton this morning, so did the rain, earlier than the Met Office website had forecast. Two miles on we were pretty soaked and had decided that going up the set of six locks in Blackburn today would probably be a miserable experience. In Withnell Fold we stopped briefly at the visitor moorings…

to capture two examples of local architecture – one an example of how to spend your money…

and the other a left over from how, in the past, you might have made it.

By Riley Green we'd had enough of the weather, and moored up. An hour later the sun came out and has been doing pretty well by us ever since. Perhaps we should have gone for those Blackburn locks.

Be that as it may, we wandered off up the road to find the village to see if there might be a shop. Fancied some new potatoes to go with a couple of steaks I bought for the barbie on Sunday, but didn't use. There wasn't a shop, just the pub.

When she heard what we were after, Lorraine in the Royal Oak went out the back and came back with some potatoes in a bag. No charge!

Class act, Lorraine. A honourable mention on this blog is duly conferred!


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