Wednesday, 15 July 2015


It's become very clear that we've moved across the county boundary into Yorkshire. I'm not even sure there is a word in Lancashire dialect(s) meaning "A fine, sunny day with no prospect of rain". But from first thing this morning, people have been including in their greeting some mention of how "grand" it is today.

It started as we were setting out from our very nice overnight in Gargrave, and has continued all day. Certainly the sun made a wonderful difference to our journey down the remaining three locks…

and through a number of swing bridges.

Some of those were quite hard. This last one had electronics to operate traffic lights and close a barrier, but the bridge itself still had to be opened manually, and was a bit tricky.

So we came to Skipton, and tied up on the visitor moorings opposite Pennine Cruisers, who are going to do something about our faulty alternator.

And in their chandlery I found something to take away my shame.

Here it is…

Isn't it grand!


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