Wednesday 1 July 2015


In spite of the heroics of its rugby league team, Leigh always seems a sort of in-between town. There are various buildings like this to be seen as you approach.

That was expected. This was not.

Police divers were under the water searching for objects in connection with an incident in the town last week. I don't think we've ever before been stopped on the canals by the police.

It didn't take all that long, and it gave us the chance of chatting with Derek and Shirley on NB Hoops 100. Nice to meet you, guys! Hope you got everything you wanted in Tesco's.

Leigh is where the Bridgewater Canal finally gives way to the Leeds and Liverpool (the Leigh branch – now there's a surprise!).

Some day we'll stop here, too. But the Leeds and Liverpool was where we were heading. We've tied up at Scotsman's Flash, just short of Wigan. The stretch of weed between canal and towpath is goose-poo alley, but otherwise the spot is delightful, looking out over one of these subsidence flashes that is now well utilised for water-sports and other recreation.

So much for our two days in-between Manchester and Wigan. Tomorrow we hope to turn right and start up into the Pennines. That's the adventure we've been planning for some months.


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