Thursday, 16 July 2015

What's in a name?

On another grand day at Skipton basin…

Ian came across from Pennine Cruisers to have a further look at the alternator.

For various reasons that I won't elaborate here, I'm predisposed to get on with people called Ian, even when it's not spelled Iain. Last night he had talked about his experience of Isuzu engine alternator lights – they apparently can misbehave even when there's nothing wrong with the alternator. But today's testing indicated that there was indeed something amiss, so he removed it to be assessed by a local auto-electrical engineer.

We therefore had a further day to spend on the 24 hour mooring, for which I shall have to do penance of some sort. So after lunch I decided it was time to clean the seagull's offerings from Erin Mae's paintwork. Having done so, I seized the opportunity afforded by cleaning hormones running strong to polish one side of the boat.

Lots of people were out strolling, and a chat rests the polishing arm for a few minutes. I spoke with the couple from Essex who like Yorkshire but feel Yorkshire doesn't like them. When we got onto cultural sensitivities they pronounced Yorkshire folk as being very opinionated and decided it was time to go. Next it was the couple from Penicuik, who were most surprised at finding themselves talking to someone who knew where it was. They were good fun, and we nattered about painting and their caravanning and Bolton Abbey and the New Forest and the Edinburgh Festival.

Then it was northerners Margaret and Cliff. Margaret commented on the amount of elbow grease being applied, I asked if she wanted a go, and then she confessed to having photographed Erin Mae's name earlier. Turns out she has two grandchildren in Bournemouth, one called Erin, and the other with Mae as her second name. So she wanted to send them the picture.

Well, all this chatting made the time fly faster than usual, even though the job must have taken longer than usual. Nice to meet you, folks.

Another grand day indeed.


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