Friday 7 September 2018


Yesterday I mentioned the Anchor Inn, between the Shebdon embankment and Grub Street cutting. Coming in this direction you encounter it suddenly as you emerge from a bridge hole, so you have to be prepared if you want a photo. I was prepared, but once again had the wrong settings on my camera and had to quickly adjust. So this is not quite the picture I was planning, but it will do.

It was open as we passed it on our journey north-west last week, with people enjoying a drink at tables in the garden. But that was the only time we've ever seen it functioning, though other bloggers have occasionally mentioned stopping and enjoying the facilities. Mostly, nobody seems to understand the economics of this pub's survival, but are glad it's still going.

We've dropped our own anchor (as it were) at the High Onn wharf where we stopped last week and inserted the window I'd had out. That meant ignoring Norbury Junction and Gnosall, where we typically might have stopped in the past. But it's been nice to find a couple of different anchorages on the Shroppie this time around.


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