Monday 10 September 2018


TMS might well stand for Too Many Steps, or The Most Seconds. Needing to be back at home base by tomorrow evening, and seeing the weather forecast for tomorrow, we ended up doing the whole distance from Cross Green to Great Haywood – 18 miles, 12 locks, 10 hours travel. Might have taken a little less time if we hadn't been in one or two queues for locks. As it was, it's the furthest we've ever been in one day.

But actually TMS stands for Test Match Special – BBC's coverage of the final cricket test match between England and India. We had it on the radio during the day and it was riveting and exhilarating (for those who like that sort of thing). Alastair Cook's final innings for England ending on 147, with so many records broken. And then James Anderson's two wickets in the final session, and Broad's dismissal of Kohli. If you don't know what I'm talking about then nothing I say here is likely to change that. If you do, then you'll be sharing the excitement of a very special occasion.

Today, TMS helped me through TMS. It was a day not to be forgotten.


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