Monday 3 September 2018

Looking forward to the music

The Met Office's promises of rain were more than fulfilled at Audlem. Since Erin Mae's toilet is working fine again there was no need to find an engineer at Overwater Marina, and we stayed put for the moment. We'd have been coming back to Audlem anyway, for the folk session tonight in the Shroppie Fly.

It wasn't an entirely inactive day. Bits and bobs and interior cleaning. Once the rain stopped I went out to fix the rubber screw cover in its channel in the re-fitted window. I did the top section, but before inserting the section that covers the sides and bottom decided to provide extra insurance against water ingress through the four screw holes I'd enlarged, with some of Captain Tolley's Creeping Crack Cure. This aqueous silicone suspension is supposed to find its way by capillary action into the smallest crevices that rain might penetrate, and set to give a flexible seal. My previous experience with it is not all that positive, but I suspect I was trying to use it for gaps too large to be susceptible to its charms. Running it onto the spaces I've already sealed with Sikaflex, just to make sure, may be unnecessary but can't do any harm. I've at last been able to remove the tarpaulin from where it has been sitting ready to drop over the window. Hopefully this is now one window that is completely water-tight.

So the day has passed and the music is coming. We're looking forward to it.


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