Thursday 13 September 2018


As planned, we drove south yesterday so I could see the dentist this morning. Shortly before our scheduled break at Cherwell Valley, the car dashboard flashed up a warning I'd never seen before – Engine Malfunction. Worrying or what!

We've been experiencing a sort of light whooshing noise from the engine when under load, so I was going to get the garage to look at it during the annual service in November. We shall see whether it has something to do with whatever fault the on-board diagnostic system is detecting. After our coffee break the warning had gone, but I drove the rest of the way at 60 rather than 70.

I'd hoped the garage would be able to look at it today, but they can only see it on Monday, so we're here for the weekend. I'm hoping it won't be quite as expensive to fix as the dentist's quotation for the work she's going to do once we're home for the winter. Ouch!


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