Sunday 30 September 2018

Not spring

Last night's sunset over Tixall Wide gave promise of another fine day.

In fact, it's been rather dull and grey, with the occasional bit of drizzle in the air. Autumnal, as appropriate for the last day of September. I almost felt like getting out my hockey stick again! We walked up to the café at the Canalside Farm Shop in Great Haywood for lunch.

It's in a fine setting, with a balcony / patio at the back facing the canal through the trees.

The food was standard café fare, but very well cooked. Afterwards we called in at the shop itself because they sell a range of loose frozen produce from which you help yourself to the amount you want. We took some summer fruit mixture back to Erin Mae to have with custard for dessert – yummy!

On the walk we noticed the way that NB Smine was tied up.

It obviously isn't a normal "spring" arrangement, but perhaps it has the same effect. They'd used it at the stern as well.

The fact that the line runs through the eye at the end of the chain, rather than being being fastened to it, presumably allows for a bit of bounce, while still providing something of the control that a spring gives. Perhaps I'll try it with Erin Mae sometime, to see what the overall effect is.

Meanwhile, the cold and wet has given me an excuse for doing nothing to further the varnish project on the stern rail. Snug and warm inside with a good book has been the order of the afternoon.


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