Sunday 26 May 2013

Audlem = awesome / bedlam

Decided to stay put at the festival today, and we're certainly at the centre of things – just across the water from where local boys, the loudest band so far, are playing R&B on an outdoor stage. I usually enjoy R&B in the right context…

View from the top of Erin Mae

Can't really hear myself type. Bit of a change from The Boat Boys playing Cajun roots earlier, and who are also due at the Shroppie Fly later. Their beat was as compelling, but distinctly foot-tapping rather than ear-plug inducing. Not surprised they're down as "Glastonbury regulars".

This morning we enjoyed Andrew Lobb, from Northumberland, singing a couple of his songs about Aidan and Cuthbert as part of the morning service in the parish church. Probably the only place all weekend where he's appreciated but not applauded!

It was interesting to stop and chat with Colin "the painter", in NB Sun Dial, on our way back to Erin Mae. He paints houses, not boats (except his own) but he'd also painted the bridge over the entrance to Overwater marina. Said he'd seen oil (baby oil!) used on boat paintwork to good effect. I wondered if anyone else had experience of this?

As I finish this off, a new band has just started playing – The Reads. First impressions are very good. They're down as Indie, so we shall see. Later on this evening it's Natalie Mcool, and then Poyzer, Fluff and Farrell, a folk band billed as "one of the must-see occasions of the festival!" Doesn't sound as though they'll be lulling us to sleep.

It's been a lot of fun to be moored up here today.


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