Wednesday 8 May 2013

Donegal sky

We've made it to the Lyon Quays Spa / Hotel, just before Chirk, where we've arranged to meet my best beloved's brother and sister-in-law tomorrow and take them for a sleepover. Unfortunately they appear to have brought the Donegal sky across with them. A poet friend of mine wrote of Donegal: "This is my magic ground". She would spend summertime there, loving the colours and the contrasts, and never mind the rain. That, after all, is a part of its character and charisma.

But as we look at the forecast for tomorrow, the question will be whether we  tackle the Pontcysyllte aqueduct, 330 yards long, 126 feet above the River Dee valley, with Erin Mae 2 inches from the drop on one side, when the BBC website is promising strong winds and heavy rain. We might be tempted to spend the day in Chirk tunnel!

For tonight, the sky has cleared, as it does in Donegal, and it's a fine evening. Supper's in the pot.


  1. Hello, Skipper!
    Welcome to our neck of the woods. Had the pleasure of meeting your bro- and sis-in-law at church this morning. Looks like you are enjoying life on the narrow boat.
    Have fun going over Pontcysyllte (Pont-ker-shill-tee). Good views, but don't drop your camera - it's a long way down...
    God bless,
    Russell & Helen Howes
    (Moorlands 2009)

    1. Hi Russell / Helen. Great to hear from you – I'd forgotten you were now in the Wild West.

      Margaret says how's the family and the house-rabbit? Or various generations of its offspring!

  2. Hi Martin,

    The family are doing well. Kieran is now in his final term at preschool. Natasha (born Jan 10) has just started there. And now no.3 is on the way for Sep.

    Sadly the rabbit is an ex-bunny. But we now have a hamster called Minnie with whom Kieran is obsessed.

    Boat looks nice. My sister-in-law's parents are into the same. We had a day with them on their boat round here last year.

    I trust you are enjoying the slower pace of life.

    God bless,