Monday 13 May 2013

Chirk duck

Never seen it quite like this before. Thinking we'd visit Chirk castle tomorrow we came north, yet again, and moored up in the cutting just after Chirk tunnel (that's now 7 times across the aqueduct and through the tunnel). We walked into Chirk to get fresh veggies for tea. It turned out the Co-op was just over mile away at the other end of the town, so we had a bit more exercise than we'd bargained for. When we got back, guess who had turned up to take us under their wing.

Later they returned, making "Feed me" signs through the kitchen window

Both of them were rather heavy with egg, we think, though the father was nowhere to be seen.

And now, just in case any readers don't know the Pontcysyllte aqueduct which got a mention yesterday, here's what it looks like as you approach it (and yes, there are only about 2 inches separating you from a 125 foot drop on the left hand side).

And here's a view down into the valley as you get near the other side.

But no photos can do justice to the sheer terror of being there and trying to control Erin Mae, with a strong current coming at you and a gale force cross-wind. Four times in three days. No wonder we needed a lie-in this morning.


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