Saturday 4 May 2013

On the Llangollen

The section of the Shroppie from Audlem to Nantwich is a bit like the M6 toll after the M6. It's wide and deep, and 1400 revs on the engine gives us the speed limit. On the canal, 4 mph feels like breaking the sound barrier. So we made good enough time to stop for a leisurely lunch and catch up with the snooker, before heading north to the junction with the Llangollen.

At that point the wind threw a tantrum and caused one or two heart-stopping moments as we joined the queue to go up the first of the four Hurleston Locks.

But we made it and tonight we're in new territory, on the first stretch of the Llangollen. This was the view from the window as we ate our evening meal.

Now we're a day ahead of schedule, with the time to fit in a visit to a supermarket before meeting up with Ivan and Irene on Thursday. Assuming there are any supermarkets in this lonely stretch of God's earth.


  1. By far the most accessible supermarket is Tesco at Ellesmere -- right next to the canal basin at the end of the arm.

  2. In fact, the only supermarket! Useful shop at Grindley Brook too.

  3. Not quite the only one, because there's also a Tesco in Whitchurch. But it's a mile from the arm, so a bit of a trek if you've got lots of shopping.

  4. Adam, Mo,

    Many thanks for the tips. We're looking forward to getting up the arm into Ellesmere.