Thursday, 30 May 2013

Far to go

Only two thoughts in our heads this morning – don't start too early 'cos that was when it was going to rain, and stop at Brewood to do a small shop. In the event we also popped into the florist in Brewood to say Hi, since they'd been very friendly on the journey north when I bought some freesias for my best beloved.

So we tootled along and eventually tied up for the night on the Park Bridge moorings south of Brewood. There we found ourselves just behind Thursday's Child, whose owner assures me is cerise, not pink.

The owner turned out to be Brian Holmes of the Shropshire Union Canal Society, and he turned out to have had a hand in getting moorings established along the canal, and practical experience in putting them in. So we had a bit of a natter about what  determines the distance between the mooring rings. I flippantly suggested it might be length of the boat owned by the person specifying the distances, but Brian had some far more technical insights. Later a googling turned up some interesting articles which refer to him: here and here, for example.

Go to it, Brian. Looks like you've been doing a great job. As a true Shroppie evangelist, he also gave me a leaflet about the society, insisted that I take it to Erin Mae for my best beloved to have a read, and no doubt I will be hard pushed to get away in the morning without becoming a life member, or at least making a donation.

And the title of this post? "Thursday's child has far to go." So do we – the road leads ever, ever on…


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