Friday, 3 May 2013

On the shelf

More than once today we encountered the Shroppie shelf – that ledge of concrete or some-such which the constructors left lurking just under the water along the towpath edge, awaiting the unwary. We were stuck on it once last year, and today I was blown on to it while moving in slowly to pick up my best beloved after negotiating a lock. It took a lot of rocking and heaving and pole-pushing to extricate ourselves from the situation.

Later we tied up in Audlem, but couldn't quite get Erin Mae far enough in and, sure enough, the shelf was the culprit. We moved 30 yards further on, and tied up, but it was clear we were going to sit at 3 degrees from the perpendicular all night long, so in the end we went down an extra lock and tied up outside the Shroppie Fly – the pub with half a boat for a bar.

Boating is meant to be relaxing and, most of the time, it's just that. But the combination of the shelf and today's wind, coupled with a late start because of sorting out some banking stuff in Market Drayton, means we're pretty tired tonight.

Right – the answer to yesterday's puzzle is the change to the holders on the hand-rails from which the front fenders are hanging. Until yesterday they were white poly-something-or-other. But I made a couple out of the Buffalo board offcuts from my locker covers, and finished off the edges with Ronseal varnish. They look a treat.


  1. Has The Shroppie Fly reopened ..heard it was closed?

    1. It was open again. I'd thought they were refurbishing but I didn't notice much difference from last year. The men's loo could certainly have done with considerable attention! I opted to go up the road to the Bridge – a much better choice!