Sunday 13 October 2013

Brewood bombshells

The Brewood visitor moorings are very conveniently right by the steps leading up to the road into the village. They are in a cutting lined with tall, overhanging trees. Ideal, you would think, to provide shelter on a blustery, rainy night. But that's before you take account of what roosts in the trees. Fiona on NB Epiphany noted the geese at Westport Park Lake. I wonder whether half the gaggle flew over to us last night. But I've never yet seen a goose up a tree…

Poor Erin Mae was covered in the stuff this morning. It was either something pretty goose-like, or an avian entity with a very sick tummy. Or perhaps they weren't roosting at all, just unable to resist a nice green and maroon target for dive-bomber practice. It took us a good long time with the mop to wash it all off. Only to discover after we'd cruised down to Bridge 8 to avoid more special topcoat tonight that we'd missed what they'd deposited in the cratch / well-deck / space at the front. Ah well, happy days…

Actually, it has been a happy day. The other bombshell was when we walked up to Brewood parish church this morning, expecting (from the website) that there was to be an all-age service, and wondering what that would mean in this context. What we found was café church – the rear transformed with tables, chairs, croissants and the most delicious coffee I've had in a church for a long time. The bells had rung as usual as we'd walked up. We hadn't realised it was inviting us to breakfast.

So – thank you to Dave, Penny and Charmaine the vicar for making us feel so welcome. It was good to see a church experimenting with what it means in practice to work out its mission statement.


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