Thursday 3 October 2013

Sykes Hollow

Hats off again to the Shropshire Union Canal Society – in this case for the leisure area they've provided at Sykes Hollow on the Middlewich branch.

We had just under three hours of cruising this morning before deciding to pull up at this delightful, quiet spot for lunch. And then the rain came!

Unexpected overnight stopping places don't come much better than this, even in the rain. Here's the view from inside the cruiser stern cover.

It's nice to be self-sufficient, so you just stop when you need to. And the new gizmo means we'll probably only need to run the engine for a relatively short time this evening to have enough charge to see us through to tomorrow morning.


  1. one of our favourite spots! So what's the tell!

    1. The gizmo's a Sterling AB12160 unit. They are not very consistent when giving it a name. The most prosaic is an Alternator to Battery Charger, and there are others like ProAlt C, and Pro-Digital this-or-that. It was recommended by Steve of Evesham Marina, when we bought our batteries off him in June, as the most effective way for someone doing a lot of cruising to boost their battery charging.