Tuesday 1 October 2013

Service with a smile

So we came down and tied up at Kings Lock Chandlery at 9.30.

They're a very friendly bunch, but we don't think the flowers were for us. The boatyard sits just below Kings Lock in Middlewich and the pub similarly named.

And so to work, to service the engine, and the Webasto diesel central heating unit (in the background).

Tilly the springer spaniel was around all day to help, with a constantly wagging tail and an endless fascination with the stones in the concrete of the wharf.

Keith removed the Webasto, and took it away to the workshop.

and then came back to pump out the oil

and remove the rocker cover.

It's years since I talked with anyone about removing rocker covers (and did one or two).

Steve came over to adjust the tappets with feeler gauges. How retro is this!

Keith sucked out all the coolant, ready for some nice new, clean, expensive antifreeze.

And so it went on, and all got put back in place and the engine sounds very sweet. Later in the day they did this with the boat tied up in front.

It's a Lister engine, that's finally had it after many, many decades. I'm glad our own newly serviced engine is now fit for many years to come, and hope it will give as good service as it's had.

Well impressed with the service we've received at KLC. To the point that we've decided to bite the bullet and get them to fit tomorrow a special gizmo that will do magic things with the output of our alternators.

For tonight, we've remained tied up in the boatyard, and have a mains hook-up. Tonight I shan't be worrying about whether I have to choose between the footie, "Old Tricks" and the fridge staying on! We're smiling.


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    1. Thanks, Mo! And for the snippets of your own experience and wisdom along the way.