Tuesday 15 October 2013


I've always loved October. Partly because it's my birthday month (the rationale for our rather pricey food at the Fox and Anchor last night), and partly because it generally signalled the start of the hockey season (no longer, alas). Less tangibly, the mix of autumn in the air, the colours, the smells and the continuation of the hedgerow harvest resonated with more philosophical thoughts and feelings about how fruitful suffering and even death can be. Even wrote a poem about it once!

From behind a camera, cruising gently up the Staffs and Worcs, October presents its own challenges. This is a season for textures, rather than colours.

There is colour around, of course. Leaves turning from green…

the redness of hawthorne or rowan berries, and rose-hips.

And some of the ducks are splendid, even if this isn't really the season for impressing the ladies.

The warmth brought a number out to play – we passed Mike and Mo on NB The Great Escape (that's to say, they were coming the other way!) and then had a natter with Chris and Elizabeth on NB Kia Kaha,  tied up in front of us tonight in Penkridge, and enjoying reading in the afternoon sunshine. Nice to meet you, folks – hope it happens again.

Textures – it's got more than just visual connotations.


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