Friday 4 October 2013


Before we left Sykes Hollow we chatted with Adrian and Chris on NB Bendithion, who'd shared the mooring overnight. They were harvesting sloes while waiting for the boat cat to return! We'd met them briefly at Kings Lock Chandlery, and then they followed us up to their permanent mooring at Barbridge Junction. Nice to meet you, guys. Looking forward to seeing you in November.

I don't think his hands are engaged in some bizarre police semaphore from a previous life. He'd just spotted me taking the photo from the bridge.

We turned left and stopped for water.

And then it was on down the Shroppie, past the Hurleston Reservoir. The embankment is pretty impressive, and apparently the seagull population of this part of Cheshire thinks so too.

You may have to enlarge the photo to see them, but there must be close on 100 more or less evenly spaced along the rail, and others trying to spot if there's a free space anywhere. In fact it's a bit like coming along the visitor moorings at Nantwich, where we've holed up for the night.

In the end there was enough room for all, and we stopped just past where Edward was engaged in a traditional pastime.

At least, I assume this was his name and not that of his scooter.

He'd shown considerable creativity in attaching a buggy for all his gear!

We, on the other hand, being without wheeled transport, walked the 15 minutes into Nantwich for some necessities (and some non-necessities), and discovered there's a market on Saturdays. So we might just repeat the exercise tomorrow morning, before we decide whether to go, or stay, or go…


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