Sunday 19 October 2014

Black and white wonky

Walked into Nantwich again this morning. Cheshire really is black and white – black and white cows, black and white buildings.

The buildings are considerably more wonky than the cows, even on the inside.

The worthies of the town have done a great job of preserving this aspect of their heritage…

but how some of them manage to stay up is something of a miracle,

or about being supported by those on either side. We left Nantwich with the wind blowing, and with the promise of a hurricane tomorrow we hope the buildings will continue to maintain their more-or-less verticality.

Because of the expectation that the wind is to get worse, we came all the way through to Audlem. Shortly after we tied up there was a knock on the door from Tony of NB No Brass, with whom we came through some locks on the upper Shroppie some weeks back. He'd been at Overwater marina doing some work on their boat, saw us going past, so decided to come and find us on his drive home. That was really nice. Thanks, Tony! Good crack.


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