Monday 6 October 2014

Storm and calm

John from CRT was on our pontoon early, confirming that we wouldn't be allowed to travel the Canal Link today because of the severe wind conditions, especially in Stanley Dock, where there had apparently been a serious incident last year. But he did say that, exceptionally, we'd be allowed to go tomorrow, assuming the weather allowed. We have to ring him at 8 in the morning to confirm we'd like to go.

The change once the weather front had passed was staggering – you wouldn't believe they'd be two parts of the same day.

So much so that we decided to go for a gentle cruise in the evening light, down through the docks beyond our mooring. Past the sensible boats on the left…

the silly boats on the right…

and the side channels down to other parts.

Down past Wapping Quay…

with the cathedral visible to one side – not looking so far up the hill as when we walked it.

We could have gone on past the rowing club, but it was beginning to get a bit dark, we had no map and we were not sure of the regulations, so we decided to turn around here.

It was a very nice little evening stroll, getting us back in the mood for travel tomorrow. Checked the weed hatch, filled the water tank. Got a prescription faxed through to the local Boots. Stocked up at Tesco and Sainsbury's. Checked out the goodies in the Apple Store. Spent a couple of hours in the Tate. All in all, a very productive day.


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