Monday 13 October 2014


Sunny intervals and scattered showers, the forecaster might have said. That sort of day.

Always things of interest, of course. Like the boat we encountered tied to the off-side bank by its bow-line, but with its stern not secured by anything. As we passed, it swung out across the cut, completely blocking the channel. It would have been difficult to stop right there, but just through the bridge was a boatyard, so we slowed to tell them, only there was no one around. However, a boat was coming the other way, and they kindly volunteered to do something about it.

Two tunnels today – the first one (Saltersford) only open for a 20 minute period each hour, but we timed our arrival well. Both it and the Barnton tunnel that follows are rather squiggly (as was the longer Preston Brook tunnel yesterday). It's as though the navvies who dug them were getting their rum ration a bit early. It means you have to keep your mind on your steering, especially as I'd left the Chinese hat on the chimney and a false move could have seen it knocked off.

Anyway, we made it most of the way to Middlewich, where we have an appointment tomorrow at Kings Lock Chandlers for an engine service. We've tied up once again at Bramble Cuttings – getting to be one of our favourite moorings. Fire's lit, kettle's on, and I've just booked our flights to Norway for Christmas. So I'm chillin'.


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