Wednesday 22 October 2014

Market quest

With the wind dropped away to a mere whisper today, we left Audlem and came through to Market Drayton. After the contour-driven lengths of the Liverpool / Manchester / Middlewich sections, this was a reality check – 18 locks before lunch!

We walked into the centre of Market Drayton to see whether we could find a shop selling the sort of clamp meter that one of the guys on the CanalWorld forums had suggested for measuring battery and alternator currents, but to no avail. We'd forgotten it was market day, and got there as everyone was packing up. One of the stalls sells tools and mind possibly have had one, but it was too late. So we did a shop in Morrison's and then popped into Wetherspoon's to download something from iPlayer onto the computer. But the connection was incredibly slow and in the end we gave up and came home.

It's really interesting to ask people for directions when you want to buy something – and then tell them you're on a boat and are walking. A sort of glaze comes over their eyes as they try to think what that must mean, in particular not being able to drive somewhere. It's good to have your worldview challenged from time to time!


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