Saturday 25 October 2014

Inspector gadget

I.e. a gadget for inspecting, not the TV cartoon character.

A late birthday present from my best beloved. Ordered from Amazon, picked up yesterday from Brewood Post Office, and put to work today to measure current through various battery and alternator cables.

Working out which cable to stick it around, and what the readings mean when you do, is something I shall gladly get used to, if it helps me to get rid of the angst around how the various things in the engine compartment are doing.

I'm still getting used to the idea of measuring a current by putting a gadget around the cable in question, instead of wiring a meter in series with it. I was obviously on a different planet (or possibly out of the country) when these things were first introduced. Even if the readings are not precision accurate, it's already provided some very useful information during a morning's experiment and analysis. My thanks to nicknorman on the CanalWorld forums for suggesting it.


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