Wednesday 29 October 2014

Grumpy gill-catchers

Is there an archetypical fisherman? They seem to me to come in every type available. But the ones we met today on the approach to Penkridge took the prize for being the grumpiest ever!

Could have been the weather – it was cold with some damp in the air. But anglers are supposed to enjoy that sort of thing, or at least to turn up their noses at the thought that such conditions could depress them. Could have been that it was a midweek competition and nothing was biting, but they really didn't look as though they were having a lot of fun.

I think among the first twenty there was just one that actually met our eyes in a greeting as we approached. Perhaps another two muttered sort sort of unintelligible response to our cheerful "Good morning". The rest looked the other way, messed around with their bait, fiddled with a line – anything except acknowledge a couple of passing boaters. Apart from the one who cynically commented that we'd lost the guy behind on water-skis, apparently not noticing the extent to which I had slowed down to aid his pastime.

Ah well – takes all sorts. Perhaps Jaspers the exceptional Penkridge bakers had decided not to open this Wednesday when they went to buy their day's nourishment. But that angling club could do with calling in a therapist or two. Perhaps the Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen could open an inland section. If they do, I nominate Penkridge as the place to start.


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