Wednesday 3 June 2015

Into the water

Another waiting day, so we walked into Willington (2001 population: 2604) to see the city sights. On the way we encountered a transporter lorry with a new narrowboat on board. When we got back to the marina we found them getting ready to transfer the boat to the water.

Up into the air.

Swung it round.

Over the edge.

And gently in.

It had been built by Collingwood Boats, who I discovered used to be Liverpool Boats. Ian from the New & Used Boat Company was there, taking pictures for the client – it transpires NUBC are agents for Collingwood just as they are for Aqualine (Erin Mae's make).

Now this neatly completes a circle. I had been told that when Erin Mae's windows first gave trouble, it was people from Liverpool Boats who were doing the warranty work. Today's conversation perhaps explains why they were involved. But the windows were never completely sorted out, which is why we are currently here. Hopefully things will be done better this time. Roll on tomorrow!


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