Monday 15 June 2015

Farewell to the Caldon

We didn't hurry to leave our last mooring on the Caldon this morning. Both it, and the canal itself this last week, served us very well.

I didn’t have time to take a photo of the first obstacle we encountered – I was too busy avoiding it. A long narrowboat had some trouble with its prop, and was attempting to complete a winding manoeuvre by the Foxley pub in Milton. It's on a very awkward bend and I just avoided spoiling the wet paint on another boat on the far side. The next encounter however, was more cheerful. Not exactly idyllic surroundings, but still good exercise.

Not Banksy, but not bad.

However, I think that in time it will all come down as Stoke City Council endeavour to put its derelict  industrial and brownfield sites to good purpose. We wondered whether they would be able to preserve some of the older architecture in the middle of the new developments, as a reminder of the past. Or will it all be demolished?

Once more under Bridge 9, where we lost our chimney four years ago. No risks this time!

OK, I think.

Unfortunately, as I was half-way through, in a distinctly crouched position, another boat appeared round the corner. I thought only of taking avoiding action, raised my head two inches to check positions, and got a fierce clunk on the head from the steelwork above. There's only one winner from that sort of collision!

Looking back, I wanted to see whether he knew this bridge – had he made enough allowance for the vegetation on his roof? I think he just cleared it.

So we emerged from the junction at Etruria and came the 3 miles north to moor up at Westport Lake. It's a nice spot, but would be considerably improved if there were less quantities of avian and canine poo.

Ah well, we got the washing out – we have a neat gadget that means the whirligig can be mounted on the tiller bar. And then we sat out with our coffee, me in the shade, my best beloved in the sun, until it got a bit nippy. If that washing doesn't dry tonight, I might need to cruise tomorrow with it still attached to the tiller!


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