Saturday 6 June 2015

Stage 2 – with pigs

We made it back to Great Haywood marina in time to buy a couple of tokens for the tumble drier, and to pick up some books delivered to the Post Office. On the way we stopped to do some shopping in Rugeley, and while we were there it seemed the world and his wife had taken to the water. Queues at Colwich and Great Haywood locks, and between them about 5000 kayakers taking part in an event that CRT had organised.

On the way down we had spotted Dave Freeman's diesel barge, so we stopped off for some this time. Dave was the guy who'd done our BSS certificate in February, but there was no sign of him. Instead, a lad came across from the farm to serve us. It was a bit complicated getting the hose to our inlet, but he managed it in the end.

Meanwhile my best beloved was interested in some other residents of the farm,

who also came across to say hello.

Funny, we were talking earlier about getting some bacon for breakfast next week. Hope they didn't hear!


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