Friday 19 June 2015

FAB Festival gets going

It was down to the Big Lock again this afternoon, where we finally caught up with Captain Ahab (aka Andy Tidy) peddling his Wildside wares from The Jam Butty.

We've exchanged comments on each other's blogs before, but never actually met, so it was really good to stop by and take a while to chat – business not being exactly manic on this first afternoon.

There was a string of business plying their trade along the towpath,

including this one, specialising in doggie pictures!

Now we've come and secured our pitch on the grass in front of the main stage for tonight's celebratory concert, kicked off by the band that kicked off the first festival 25 years ago – The Middlewich Paddies.

They're making a good noise as I write. You'll see from the backdrop that we're in for a treat later on with Lindisfarne winding up the evening's entertainment.

It's under way!

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