Wednesday 10 June 2015

Blowing a fuse

"Oops!", says older brother Nº 2, "what's happened to the shower pump?" The shower tray had duly emptied after the previous two people had finished, but the pump objected to his dirty water. So when we'd stopped for a bit, we went to investigate. Never been down here before.

Tracing the fault with my meter showed the fuse had blown. When a fuse goes, of course, that's only the presenting symptom. What you have to do is work out what caused it. Bit like working with people really! Exactly why did the guy yell at me yesterday for going too fast past his boat, when I'd actually throttled back to 800 rpm and was doing under 2 mph without a trace of a wash? Perhaps he'd had a late night or a difficult childhood.

So the shower tray got emptied with sponge and bucket, and that will be the regime until we find someone (a) to tell us if there's anything wrong with the pump, and (b) to sell us a new fuse.

Meanwhile we had a glorious day in the sun. If you discount its shallowness, the Caldon is one of the most delightful canals we've encountered. At one lock we encountered a structure commemorating some of the local, well-known pottery firms.

Where we stopped for coffee two small ponies came to say hello.

Then it was on past the point where Nicholson's warns of an obstruction mid-stream, and the reality always brings a smile.

Brother Nº 2 and wife, whose special birthday it has been today, enjoyed meeting people along the way,

and taking their turns at the tiller.

It's been a wonderful day. Now we're moored up at the Hollybush Inn, looking forward to eating there tonight.

It will be a nice relaxing evening. No point in blowing a fuse about blowing a fuse!

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  1. Do you have a hair filter before the pump? If not, perhaps the pump just got too clogged and took too much current. If you do have a hair filter has it been cleaned out?