Monday 1 June 2015


The cabin was snug last night. We were late to bed and didn't really feel like getting up this morning at the appointed time. It didn't matter being a bit behind schedule because we were already nearer than expected to our destination. The sun that shone cosily into the bedroom as we thought about emerging was also energising the solar panel. By 9.30 it was putting 20 amps into the batteries.

We didn't entirely waste the good boating weather, though the promised frontal systems sweeping across the UK caught us and meant we needed to be wrapped up well against wind and wet. You could argue (if you were kind) that we optimised the battery-charging regime by using solar while we could, and then getting the engine going as the sun hid his face. But it certainly didn't facilitate taking photos of the plants my best beloved was pointing out – hemlock and its relatives.

Anyway, we got to Mercia Marina in time for a late lunch and tied up in one of Aqua Narrowboats' berths. Whether or not they'll be able to work on the windows tomorrow will depend a bit on how wet it is. The forecast is promising rain and very strong winds overnight. But we have no need to go anywhere, and we have the fire if it gets cold. The wind is already rocking us rather, but we should be snug tonight as well.


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